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  • Compliance

    Managing the multitude of compliance issues requires constant effort in today's world. No matter whether it's Safety, Environment or Quality, for your staff, your contractors or your suppliers.

    ARO Safety is a compliance tool specifically designed to help you be more compliant in less time.

  • Safety

    Legislation places significant obligations on managing staff / or controlling property. It is simply essential to have a great system in place keep everyone safe and also to demonstrate compliance. Your Contractors can easily sit your induction from any internet connected device. And what if they have an incident while on your site? Simply use our Incident Reporting System to keep track, investigate, record, correct and review. This is what we mean when we say "Integrated."

  • Environmental

    Have you had an environmental incident occur at one of your sites? Easily investigate, correct, review and close the incident with total control at every step. Record all relevant notes and store all relevant files all within our intuitive Environmental Incident Reporting System. Do you have the need to record, track and report on your Energy and Emissions data? We have a handy Register in our Development Suite to do just this and to allow you to track and report you CO2 emissions.

  • Quality

    The System has been designed from the ground up to help you be more compliant in less time. No matter whether you need Corrective Action Reports, Incident Management, Training and Induction, or even legislative requirements such as an Asbestos Register or Confined Space Register ---> All of these features are in our System and best of all they all talk to each other. This is what we mean when we say "Integrated."

  • History

    Originally started as a cloud platform for managing asbestos risk, ARO has transformed into a multi-register compliance platform. Each of our registers are simple and easy to use, and they mostly link to each other seamlessly, for the first time making compliance a breeze.



Access to the key components of the system is a simple process with a Google Maps interface on the dashboard that makes viewing your records simple.

The System is structured with 3 levels of filtering so that your different Sites / Building / Assets may be managed seperately.


QR Code technology features very prominently within ARO, with an in-built foundation level QR code generator, our system is able to produce QR Codes that point almost anywhere.

In practical terms, this makes it possible for you to get and provide immediate access to the system in a way that is unprecendented.

Do you wish you could send your employees a "Big Red Button", and all they have to do is press it to complete an important Training Program? Or what about providing all Contractors on your site with a similar "Push Button" to report incidents or near misses? Maybe you want to send a "Button" to your supplier along with your work order that will automatically generate the site Asbestos Register? Well this is exactly what your QR codes will do, life's easy when all of your compliance is Integrated.

New to QR Codes or finding the idea a little daunting? Don't worry, once you've used our QR Codes you won't go back.

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We're betting that suppliers / Contractors are an important part of your business.

Whether they are subcontractors engaged to provide key services, or suppliers that provide your products, Supplier performance directly affects your Company’s performance. And if you’re engaging an entity for a critical point of your business, don’t you want confidence that they’re accredited and insured, and that if they’re letting you down, your system will pick it up?

Annual audits asking for “List of Approved Suppliers”? Easy! Want that confident feeling that the critical points of your business operate “almost by themselves”? We can help!

Our Supplier Register is at the centre of ARO, and our Clients love it:

- Single repository for everything “Supplier”. Suppliers are “Approved”, “Pending”, “On Hold” or “Blacklisted”

- Set up each Supplier with custom “Mandatories”, these are Mandatory Requirements for Approval, such as insurances, licences, or other accreditations

- Automated requests are emailed to your suppliers when their “Mandatories” expire

- If the mandatories expire they are placed “On Hold” and no further orders may be sent to that Supplier

- Suppliers are provided with a simple web form to upload their own evidence of compliance, making them “Pending”, and all your manager needs to do is check and click a button to “Approve.”

- Supplier’s performance is linked to Incident System, so if there’s a customer complaint that has its root cause in a product defect, you Quality Incident is linked to the Supplier’s Record, for all of your staff to see when next placing orders

- Implement rules like: “3 Strikes and You’re Out”, blacklist substandard Suppliers so that nobody in your organisation may engage them again

- Easily create Supply Orders and send them to your suppliers with only a few clicks

- Work orders have the ability to include QR Codes that point directly to your Induction, Competency Assessment, Site Access and Incident Reporting systems

- Always wanted to automatically send your asbestos register with your Work Order? Of course you can turn this off, but it is a handy way to ensure that you’re meeting your obligations, always

- Hazardous work happening on your site (working at heights, hot work, confined space entry, asbestos removal)? Integrate with our Hazardous Work Permit Register to make a turn-key solution


The ARO Incident Register is one of the most popular features of our system. How are you currently managing / investigating / reviewing and closing your incidents? Bits of paper right? Let us show you a better way!

What about the Incidents that aren't reported? How do you know that just because no incident was reported that there was no incident? Workplace accident investigations often find a culture of unreported incidents. Don't let this happen under your watch.

Our System virtually automates your Incident Management System. Contractors are required to opt out of any Incidents having occurred, preventing Incidents being raised well after the event, and generally making the whole system more robust.

Incidents may be Minor or Major, may involve injuries or lost time, or worse. Your incident might not even be an incident but a near miss. Each of these elements are tracked making for easy collection and reporting of your WHS statistics.


How do you keep track of Contractors on your Site(s)? What time did they arrive, what time did they leave, and were they working alone? For how long will they be onsite? When should you start worrying if they don't sign out? Will you even know if they don't sign out?

How do you ensure that all visitors and contractors have ready access to the Site's Asbestos Register, or are aware of your designated Confined Spaces?

What about inductions and training, are the people on your site right now properly inducted?

What if a Contractor intends on entering a Confined Space, doing Asbestos Removal, Hot Work, Working at Heights or any other hazardous work activity? Does your Sign In system capture all of these risks?

We have the ability to set up your account so that every sign in action will result in an asbestos register link being sent to the Contractor. Or simply turn this feature off.

Lone worker overstays? Have they just forgotten to Sign Out or are they in trouble? Our system will alert your Building Manager and your Contractor / Employee. And of course you want to stop this from recurring, and what better way than to automatically create a safety incident, so that it may be properly investigated, corrected, reviewed and closed-out.

Our simple QR Code based Site Access Register is the way of the future. Or go for a custom package and utilise Wall-Mounted Tablets or Web-Kiosk technology. Or take it even further with a Premium Custom RFID Card Automatic Access System. All of these options and more are possible on your site, allowing you to log into your managers console and view data in real time, with peace of mind that your people are safe and that all is well.

This is what we mean when we say "Integrated."

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We all know the importance of ensuring that our Staff and Contractors are properly trained. Lack of training can have Safety, Quality and Environmental consequences. This is exactly why our Training and Induction System is at the heart of ARO's capability.

Easily set-up new online presentations, as many slides as you like. We don't waste time adding bells and whistles so you don't waste time figuring them out. We have a refreshingly simple method of hosting your online induction and training programs, and the best thing is they are all accessible from any internet-connected device.

What if you need Contractors to be inducted for a particular Site but not for others? What if you need a custom Induction for each Site? This is all easily possible by simply linking your Sites to the required induction. So now when Contractors go to sign in, they're able to easily complete their induction there and then. Or beforehand, it's so easy!

Life's easy when all of your compliance is Integrated.


Sitting through the online slide show is one thing, but what if you really need to know they were paying attention. In most cases, a Training or Induction Program needs to have some way of ascertaining that the person is Competent.

Our System lets you create as many Competency Assessments as you like. And you can link your Online Inductions to your Online Competency Assessments. Clever huh?

This is what we mean when we say "Integrated."


A cleaner notices a portion of eave sheeting broken on a building so scans a QR Code and lodges a short incident report, takes about as long as sending a text message.

You, as the manager, receive an alert, and upon further investigation and after reviewing the asbestos register, you realise the eave is actually asbestos cement.

So you consult your Approved Contractor / Supplier register and search for "asbestos removal", which shows 3 approved contractors and 1 black-listed contractor.

Again, in about as much time as sending a text message, you shared the asbestos register with the 3 approved contractors (as a QR Code) and sent an automated "Request for Quote" from your Work Order Register.

Once you've picked your preferred supplier, with a single click you convert the RFQ to a Work Order, which is automatically populated with your Company's standard text (T&Cs, etc.). Along with the Work Order, you send QR Codes for Site Inductions and Competency Assessment (all Contractors are required to be Inducted under your Site rules).

When your Contractors attend site, they nominate upon signing in that their work involves Working at Height and Asbestos Removal. You set the rules, but by default the system will require Hazardous Work Permits for each of these elements. It's okay, this can be done from anywhere and only takes a second. Once approved the Contractors are sent permission to commence work safely and to report all incidents.

Once completed, and on signing out, the workers are each prompted for any incidents. There weren't any of course because this site is as safe as they get.

This is the scenario we have in mind as we are building ARO, and this is what we mean when we say "Integrated."

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Asbestos is where we started, it's the 'A' in ARO. And put simply nobody does it better.

Our Asbestos Register System is solid, everything you need is there, and it's all at the tip of your QR Code Reader.

Want asbestos or full Hazmat (Lead, SMF, or PCBs)? Just click a button and start sharing.

Do you want to ensure you Contractors receive a copy of your asbestos register with every Work Order? Use our System and it becomes automatic. While you're at it, why not also include the Induction QR Code as well, which of course also links to the Competency Assessment.

Life's easy when all of your compliance is Integrated.


Did you know that site managers are legally required to maintain a register of confined spaces within your site? Well we have your solution, with our simple Confined Space Register System.


We're adding new registers all the time, and we'd like your help. Let us know what you want and let's talk about how we can realise your needs. Give us another few years and we'll be the one-stop-shop of compliance, with thanks to people like you!

We see the future as being Online and Integrated. Why wait, make it happen today, Register now!

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ARO offers a range of packages to suit every situation. Our pricing is based on the number of employees in your business and the number of sites that you control, and packages can be altered as your circumstances change.

We also offer commercial packages intended for resellers.

Please contact us for custom pricing.

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An asbestos register is a list of all asbestos within a workplace, and includes locations where asbestos is presumed to be present. Each entry in the list is known as an asbestos ‘occurrence’. The list should include sufficient detail to allow any persons working within the workplace to locate and avoid, or manage, the occurrences.

It is strongly advisable that you engage a qualified professional to undertake an inspection and sampling program of all workplaces with structures built prior to 31 December 2003, or where asbestos is known to occur, or is likely to occur. The consultant will provide a report that includes, as a minimum: specific details of all the locations in which asbestos was identified, or assumed to be present; the type of asbestos or asbestos containing material (ACM); the condition of the material; and the results of any laboratory testing. This information can be used to conduct a risk assessment to help prioritise actions for removal or control. This information* must then be stored in an asbestos register and made accessible to persons undertaking work within the workplace.

Please contact us for a quote on our data input services.


While legislation varies by state, all states and territories require asbestos registers to be kept, maintained and reviewed for any workplace with structures built prior to 31 December 2003, or where asbestos has been known to occur, or is likely to occur.

Before any works, such as maintenance, renovations or demolitions, are conducted within a workplace, the asbestos register must be consulted. Managers and workers can then identify asbestos risks and implement appropriate control measures to ensure there is no threat to workplace health and safety.

The following elements are critical to the development of an asbestos register:

• It must contain specific details on the location of each asbestos occurrence, as well as the type and condition of the asbestos.

• It must be easily accessible to all persons conducting work within the workplace (as per legislative requirements). This includes contractors or other third parties entering the workplace.

• It must be in a format that can be updated to reflect changes, e.g. damage, restoration works, removal.

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